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Fueled by the ever-changing world of smartphone technology, mobile devices have become a vital part of our daily routines. In 2018 alone there were more than 194 billion apps installed worldwide, which tallied up to a whopping 101 billion US dollars spent on app stores around the globe.

There’s no denying the impact that mobile apps have had in our society. Games, financial tools, dating platforms, and other types of applications are being developed every day. And, app developers are turning to affiliate marketing to help expand their popularity and become the next big hit.

This is where CPI offers come in.

When working with CPI offers, affiliates need to find sustainable ways to get installs at an affordable price. Savvy marketers are starting to turn to CPM and CPC campaigns to help them deliver great results while maintaining a high profit margin.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help monetize CPI offers through CPM and CPC campaigns.

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How to Generate App Installs with CPM and CPC Models

Although CPC and CPM campaigns have fundamental differences, you can combine them in order to help generate installations for your CPI offer. Remember that all cases are unique, so you need to make adjustments and find variations that work for your vertical.

Some marketers choose to run both simultaneously, but most affiliates choose to launch a two-pronged campaign that starts off with a CPM venture and then moves on to CPC during the second phase.

CPM campaigns usually allow you to test out different ads and creatives at an affordable price. Although you pay for impressions, you can still measure clicks and further interactions to collect valuable insights. Then, you can use this information to design a CPC campaign that has a higher budget, but is already optimized for better performance.

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Cost-Per-Mile Campaign

Paying for impressions is much more affordable than paying for clicks, but you can still get a lot of valuable information from these campaigns. Here are some tips to help you get installs by paying for impressions.

Use Rich Media to Your Advantage

Impressions are charged by the thousand, but you don’t necessarily have to show the same ad to 1,000 folks. Instead, use rich media to your advantage and try a variety of different ad versions to find which ones work best in what circumstances.

Track and Measure Additional Interactions

It’s normal for marketers to focus on impression metrics in CPM campaigns, but you can still view clicks and other interactions that happen after the ad was viewed. While these may seem irrelevant now, track and measure these interaction metrics that help zero-in on the best performing ads.

Focus on Creating Awareness and Using CTAs

Most companies employ CPM campaigns to build awareness because they are a great tool to do so. But, you should also employ CTAs that entice users to install the app in order to boost the conversion rate of your as even during this stage. Even if you don’t get an installation, you can identify the CTAs that work and the stage at which users lose interest.

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Cost-Per-Click Campaign

After running a CPM campaign, you can assess your results and deploy a CPC strategy that nets most of your installs.

Brand Your Ads

Consumers prefer branded ads because it gives them a sense of security, not to mention the fact that it builds your credibility. Branding your ads will help entice users to try out the app you’re promoting and potentially bolster conversions across the board.

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Use Specific GEO and Additional Targeting

Showing your ads to the global population will inevitably result in higher costs, so make sure you use GEO targeting in order to narrow down areas that have the highest conversions. Likewise, if the app is designed for a specific gender, age group, or other demographic, keep these in mind when setting up your campaign targeting.

Analyze and Optimize the Campaign Regularly

The main goal of your CPC campaign is to net as many installs as possible, so monitor its performance as soon as you launch it. If you are not getting the results you want, check your budget settings and try out different creatives to help attract more attention until you find a winning combination.

Get the Most Out Of Your CPI Offers Today

Although it does carry more risk for affiliates, CPI offers usually have big payouts that are worth the effort and the risk. This is especially true for savvy affiliates who can combine CPM and CPC campaigns in order to get installs at a low price.

If you want to learn more about ActiveRevenue, get in touch with us today and our team will be glad to help.

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